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Theo Team


Free of Charge

Theo Club

Club Subscription

From € 250,- per year

Training Packages for all variants

  • Free Starters Package
  • Share your exercises with the Theo Community
  • Packages made by International experts from €5.00

Theo Team

Free of Charge

With Theo Team you can get started straight away …free of charge.

  • Create your own team(s)
  • Create your own exercises, use our animation tool
  • Share your knowledge with the Theo Community
  • Download the Theo-door Start-up package with 50 ‘train the basics’ exercises free of charge
  • Create your own player/team evaluation and player assessments forms
  • Invite your team mates to join Theo and share your exercises team information and evaluations

Theo Club

From € 250,- per jaar inc. VAT

Provide the teams Theo. at your club with all the advantages of.

  • Invite all the coaches, trainers and even team players to join Theo
  • Provide your members with the ready to go training packages
  • Enable your trainers and coaches to plan and perform periodic evaluations

For all clubs we will provide a ‘made to measure’ quotation based on the specific needs of the club. This is bespoke work as we don’t use a standard ‘price per playing member’ calculation.
Two simple variables dictate the eventual subscription costs for your club.

1.The number of teams you want to facilitate within Theo
2.The training packages your club wants to use within Theo

Please make contact with Djurre Roggeveen ( and he will provide you with quick and efficient response and a comprehensive quotation.
To provide you with a ‘ball park’ idea of our attractive subscriptions costs, here are 3 typical test cases:

20 teams
Create your own
training curriculum

€ 250,-

48 teams
12 Theo-curriculum training packages

€ 1.050,-

75 teams
18 Theo-curriculum training packages

€ 1.890,-

Available for all Theo users

Training Packages by experts

From € 5,- inc. VAT

In the Theo shop you can download a start-up package with 50 ‘train the basics’ exercises free of charge to help get you started.

Has this wet your appetite? You can extend your array of training packages at the touch of a button: in the Theo shop you can find an extensive assortment of packages from different experts. Purchase credits with an in-app transaction and exchange them for your training package of choice. There are also several ways to ‘save’ credits for an in-app purchase.

Take a look at our community exercises. This section of Theo contains a whole range of free content, made by and shared by users like you….make…share…learn…for free.

Save Credits

Saving credits from the comfort of your coaches chair. By sharing your knowledge of your surroundings, its possible to gather credits that can be exchanged for new training packages in the Theo shop.

Answer questions in the Theo app about shops, restaurants and cafes in your town or city at your own convenience. Which locations are new, which recently closed their doors, what’s hot and what’s not…and watch your piggy bank grow. In a unique collaboration with Datlinq we are collectively building on your team results and best possible location database.

Save credits for your own personal use or donate them to your club….no more sponsor runs!