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Your Own Exercises

THEO offers you an easy to use platform to create your own training exercises.


With the user-friendly training session design tool, you can instantly create and add diagrams and animations of your exercises. In a few simple steps you can expand some training exercises to a whole daily, weekly or monthly programme. Instantly share all your materials on the web or in the app with your whole team or even the whole THEO community! An ideal way to create a bespoke programme for your team’s needs

Learn from experts

Are you looking for that extra bit of inspiration or even a complete training programme for your team?


Perhaps you require specific technical support from someone in the game? Discover our complete packages created by various in-game experts with complete curricula, daily programmes and separate drills.
Alternatively, you could get going with our free THEO starters package.
Have a browse in in our public domain and see what the THEO Community has to offer by way of exercises and inspiration.

Player Assessments

You decide how you want to asses and evaluate your players performances. Ask your players for feedback to improve your own skills.


In a few simple clicks it is possible to assemble your own player evaluation form, this is easily filled-in using the THEO
Make use of our standardized report structures to view results or export your data to Excel for further analysis.

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How does Theo work?

Web + app

Theo is a combination of an app and a web application. With the Theo app you have everything in your phone that you need on the pitch or pitch side: an overview of all your teams, the attendance lists, evaluation/assessment forms, the times and places and content of all your training sessions. Using the web application you can create your own training exercises and can access the more detailed evaluations and the many administrative utilities.


You decide which training packages you want to use. In our Theo shop you will find a wide variety of packages from a range of hockey experts. Some exercises are for free but the most can be paid for with credits. Your Theo credits can be purchased and saved in the app. If your club has a subscription to Theo then training packages can be made available via the club subscription.

Everyone has their own role

What you can do in Theo is determined by your role in a team. Isn’t it complicated? Not at all! It just means that a trainer can keep attendance records but naturally not the players. As a coach you can assess and evaluate team players without them seeing the results. Your role per team can change and the possibilities will in turn change with the role.

Let it grow!

Create your own account and get started right away. Place your team into Theo, download your training exercises and create your own evaluation and assessment forms. Would you like to share this with your team mates, co-trainer or co-coach? Send them an invitation from within Theo. By accepting your invitation you can now share exercises, give the same assessments and everyone has the same team information…all free of charge!

Theo works for everyone

Team Coaching Staff

  • Your own exercises
  • Design Studio with Animation Tool
  • Inspiration from Experts
  • More than 1500 exercises
  • Attendance filled-in pitch side
  • Pitch side player assessment
  • All in the palm of your hand


  • Your own curriculums
  • Made to measure training exercises for each age group
  • Easy to share
  • Player assessment system
  • Standardized reports
  • Training schedule with pre-planned training sessions
  • Import en export functions


  • Insight into trainings sessions
  • Inspiration from Top Trainers
  • Exercises in videos/animations
  • Visualisation is essential
  • Save credits for extra exercises
  • Theo community
  • Works offline

Time for action, time for Theo



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